My Big Gay Spring Break

My Big Gay Spring Break
Author: J.D. Hardwick
Language English
Pages: 21
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.29
Published: March 11th 2014

College student Kellan is headed to Miami for spring break, to spend the week with Brian, an older man whom he has always looked up to. But Kellan has more on his mind than just an innocent visit, and when he overhears Brian in the shower, he realizes that his fantasies just might come true, after all! This hot, steamy story is set in the Miami heat, and features graphic male on male sexual relations. Intended for mature audiences only! Length: 7,000 words.

Excerpt: Brian took me to a restaurant in Miami Beach that specialized in Cuban food. I ordered this dish called churrasco, a sort of grilled steak, and Brian had roast pork. We ordered beers, and sat outside watching the crowds go by as we caught up with each other. Even though we had just as much to talk about as always, I could feel the time that had passed. Our relationship felt more like two adults now, rather than a man and a teenage boy. All during dinner, I tried to think how to make my move. I knew now that he was attracted to me, but I worried that if I was too direct about coming on to him, he would freak out, and then I’d lose my only opportunity. I must have been getting lost in my thoughts, because toward the end of the meal, Brian looked at me and said, “Hey, is something wrong? You look a million miles away.” “No, everything’s good.” I blushed, thankful for the low light on the restaurant patio. We finished our meal, and Brian insisted on paying the bill. “You paid for your plane ticket, after all, and you’re a poor college student,” he pointed out. “This is to celebrate your arrival. It’s on me.” He settled with the waitress, and we got up and left the restaurant. We decided to take a walk around South Beach to take in some of the atmosphere. Things were heating up now, and there were more and more gay guys to be seen. Some of them were openly kissing, or touching hands as they walked. I was having a tough time not getting hard as we walked along; I kept imagining turning to Brian and kissing him, teasing his tongue with mine like I saw some of the men doing. We stopped at a bar for another beer, and then decided we’d head back to Brian’s place for the night. By now, the few beers I’d had, plus being so close to Brian – seeing his eyes sparkle as he laughed, watching his muscled biceps flex as he raised a drink to his mouth – everything was conspiring to make me horny as hell. We walked out of the bar, me following him, and all I could see was his fantastic ass outlined by those soft, worn jeans. We walked slowly back toward his car. Neither of us was talking much, and I caught Brian glancing at the gay men a few times. I wondered what he was thinking, but of course I didn’t ask.

Now that we were heading back home, I was getting really nervous. How could I possibly figure out a way to approach him? What if he said no? The rest of the week would be torture if he rejected me. I kept reminding myself what I’d heard through the bathroom door, and steeled myself to be brave.