Bride For the Bear

Bride For the Bear
Author: Stella Night
Language English
Pages: 171
Genre: Paranormal
Series Haven
Goodreads Rating: 4.11
Published: November 1st 2016

Rachel is on the run after a bad relationship leaves her with serious trust issues. She flees to Bear Haven, looking to get away from untrustworthy men and other distractions. Her first night there, a freak accident puts her on a collision course with the smoking hot Alpha, Noah Sinclair. This mysterious man makes her pulse race and her thighs tremble, and he's the most distracting man she's ever met. Noah is the new Alpha of the Bear Haven Clan. He's on the prowl for a mate and time is running out. He thinks his only option is to accept an arranged marriage with a terrible woman from his past. Then he meets Rachel.

Rachel seems like the answer to all his problems. But Rachel is human, and the last time Noah fell in love with a human woman, it ended in disaster.

And taking a human mate is forbidden in the Bear Haven Clan. The clan elders will stop at nothing to keep Noah and Rachel from getting together, even if it means that heads will roll. Noah could lose everything if he goes after Rachel, his status as Alpha, his clan, and even his life. Rachel has no idea how much danger she's in.

All she knows is that her sexy new neighbor is a man with secrets, secrets she desperately needs to know the answers to. But finding those answers could be the last thing Rachel ever does.