Adventures With My Guardian Angel: Thirty True, Unforgettable Stories

Adventures With My Guardian Angel: Thirty True, Unforgettable  Stories
Author: Catherine Revell
Language English
Pages: 87
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.07
Published: February 11th 2013 by Catherine Crownover Revell

The author jokingly writes, "So, like, I see this angel in my office mirror and I'm like, I've got to share this with the world!" Seriously, God has saved my butt on so many occasions it's ridiculous. I have to thank Him by writing a book and giving Him credit. My guardian angels must be on rotating shifts because they're always alert and on the ball when duty calls. I think the angel that appeared in my office mirror was telling me "how about giving something back? How about sharing all your stories so maybe people will stop taking us for granted?" This eBook is my thanks and recognition to all the angels who've helped me. Join me as I takes you back in time to when I was five years old and stood at the open car door of a kidnapper. Join me in a run-away car with no brakes when I had to take a sudden 180 degree turn on an icy road. Join me as I share 28 other stories that defy explanation or should have ended up in tragedy but didn't. You'll never look at your life the same way and you'll go forward with a great deal more peace of mind that all will be okay.