I'm the Grasshopper

I'm the Grasshopper
Author: Stephanie Parker McKean
Pages: 211
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: December 12th 2017

When newspaper staff writer Stacy Estes trips over a man’s body in her grandmother’s yard, she goes from reporting the news to being the news. This is hard for the 48-year-old widow whose reactions to life are usually…Run. Hide. Stacy fights to keep her secrets intact, including her physical disability, especially from the first love of her life, Kirk, who has moved back to the community. Lost treasure? Gold mining in Texas? Flying saucers on her grandmother’s hill? And what about the men who go into the Comanche Cliff store – and disappear? Mysteries entangle and endanger Stacy. When a local poacher is jailed for the murder of the man found in her grandmother’s yard, Stay’s life unravels. Then her investigation into the murder victim on her grandmother’s property takes her to the strange world of boanthropy, where people believe they are cows. It sends her into a confrontation with satanic worshiper “Snake.” And she is slated for the next sacrifice.