Dog Days: A Scrapbook for My Best Friend

Dog Days: A Scrapbook for My Best Friend
Author: Kate Madsen
Language English
Pages: 80
ISBN10: 0517222760
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
ISBN13: 9780517222768
Published: August 5th 2003 by Gramercy

It's a dog's life! And what better way to celebrate your own pup's than with this winsome full-color scrapbook? Canine lovers everywhere will be won over by the charming illustrations that capture the wide and wacky range of pooch personalities. You'll want to collect photos of your own pup to show-off and fill in the pages that prompt you for practical information like vaccination records and for those wonderful anecdotes and memories you'll want to share immediately with your friends and family, and have to cherish and treasure forever.