Artist of the Reformation: The Story of Albrecht Durer

Artist of the Reformation: The Story of Albrecht Durer
Author: Joyce McPherson
Language English
Pages: 124
ISBN10: 1882514556
Genre: History
Goodreads Rating: 3.46
ISBN13: 9781882514557
Published: January 1st 2005 by Greenleaf Press

The Leonardo of the North was more than just a gifted artist. He was a writer, clever businessman, and apt teacher of students, and a man passionately interested in attracted to the theology of Martin Luther. He did more than just create works of art for wealthy patrons; he also took advantage of the new technology of printing in order to bring his illustrations of the Bible to a wide audience of ordinary people. This biography focuses on Durer the man, rather than Durer the artist. Joyce once again helps us to understand a historical figure by showing us his childhood, family, friends, and hopes and fears. Filled with excerpts from Durer's own writings and illustrated with 30 of his most famous pieces.

At the death of Albrecht Durer, Martin Luther wrote, It is natural and right to weep for so excellent a man.