The Devil's Return

The Devil's Return
Author: Sarah Masters
Language English
Genre: Erotica
Series Master
Goodreads Rating: 3.60
Published: October 2009 by loveyoudivine

Vincent and Julian settle down to life on land, but fate has tragedy in store for them once more. Blurb: Vincent and Julian have lived on land since their last voyage on Le Frai De Demon. During a special party at Julian’s gay club, the new ship’s captain, Gordy, arrives with bad news. Someone from their past has followed him back to England and is intent on finding Julian. An altercation leads to a fire breaking out in Devil’s Spawn, but not everyone escapes with their life. Vincent and Julian flee the property for the safety of home, but guilt follows them. Will they ever come to terms with what happened, or will the events drive a wedge between the couple?