Madam President: Rise of Matriarchy

Madam President: Rise of Matriarchy
Author: Puneet Mathur
Pages: 64
ISBN10: 1536910392
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
ISBN13: 9781536910391
Published: September 9th 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Puneet Mathur is a predictor par excellence. He has predicted accurately all election results like the 2012 US Presidential Election results, Indian General Elections for Narendra Modi among other predictions which came true as predicted by him. He is author of Book series Instant Karma Prediction where one can easily learn to predict and solve problems in daily life. In this book he has taken a unique approach and used Data Science and Astrology together. He has unearthed the hitherto unknown facts about Vedic Astrology using Data Mining, like which planetary configuration in United States of America leads to election of a Male or a Female President which are presented in this book. This unique and innovative approach of predicting using data science and astrology bring authenticity to results of Astrology and allow us to see if these results are statistically significant or not. The model built for predicting outcome of Election results is innovative and does not have any expiry date. I recommend this book to one and all that have an interest in not just knowing the results of US Presidential elections 2016 but also to those who have abandoned astrology as ambiguous and abstract. This book brings back authenticity to Astrological predictions.