Dog Days - Tales from an American Road Trip

Dog Days - Tales from an American Road Trip
Author: Andrew Thompson
Language English
Pages: 322
ISBN10: 1908824441
Genre: Travel
Goodreads Rating: 3.57
ISBN13: 9781908824448
Published: February 24th 2014 by Fingerpress

'He pulled a cassette out of the glove box and put it in the stereo, pressed rewind and then play. Was it still 1980 in Memphis? Some fast-paced blues crackled out of the speakers.' 'The guide book said it was 'well worth making the trip to this colourful outdoor market'. It was a market of just fruit and nothing else. It was time we stopped listening to the crap guide book recommendations... time to find our own way.' Dog Days is a lively account of a three-month road trip that Andrew and his girlfriend Lucy took around the United States. They drove 15,000 miles around 45 states, by car and Greyhound bus, known as the 'Dog' by the fearsome locals who ride it. Follow Andrew and his girlfriend Lucy through landmarks including Monument Valley and Yellowstone, to a New York Yankees baseball game, a dude ranch in Montana and a rodeo in Wyoming. More than just a travel memoir, Dog Days provides vivid descriptions of the physical landscape, and unravels the characters they encountered along the way -- with some very candid observations of America and its people. They began their trip believing they knew a lot about the country, but quickly discovered just how different from the rest of the world it really is. 'Ace book. Carefully observed and very funny ... and dark at the same time.

Dog Days drew me in 100 percent' - Graham Johnson, author of Hack, Powder Wars, and Druglord