Uncertainty Principles

Uncertainty Principles
Author: Krista Tibbs
Language English
Pages: 292
ISBN10: 0981880355
Genre: Science Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.21
ISBN13: 9780981880358
Published: April 15th 2013 by Friction Publishing

They can refuse to look and choose not to believe, but the threat is real, and the probability is rising. Nine years ago, five college students conceived a way to measure atmospheric energy and use the data to predict mass acts of human violence. A tragic event ended the project, and team leaders Aiyana and Brian haven't spoken since. Overwhelmed with guilt, Brian has spent the years alone in his lab redeveloping the energy model. Aiyana, now a doctor, refuses to acknowledge his covert research until the new model predicts a threat to their heartland town of Freedom. The team reunites to protect the people they care about, but every potential action is fraught with doubt and consequences. Long-held secrets are exposed as the urgency rises with each new piece of data.

Under a cloud of mutual contempt and buried affections, the teammates challenge each other's philosophies and struggle to cope with their inner fears. The fate of the town may be out of their hands, but through the endeavor, they will discover the significance of laughter and the value of a purple cape.

"Don't you see? Uncertainty can be either the root of fear or the cornerstone of hope. It all depends on the observer."