The Writings of Justin Martyr

The Writings of Justin Martyr
Author: Justin Martyr
Language English
Pages: 152
ISBN10: 1933993464
Genre: Religion
Goodreads Rating: 3.94
ISBN13: 9781933993461
Published: September 15th 2007 by Apocryphile Press

Justin Martyr was one of the Fathers of the Church, born in Sichem, Samaria. He was converted to Christianity, studied Stoic and Platonic philosophy, and founded a school of Christian philosophy at Rome, where he wrote two Apologies on Christian belief (150-60).

He is said to have been martyred at Rome. Curiosity is baffled, but faith and love are fed by these scanty relics of primitive antiquity. Yet may we well be grateful for what we have. These writings come down to us as the earliest response of converted nations to the testimony of Jesus. They are primary evidences of the canon and the credibility of the New Testament.

-from the Introductory Notice