Author: Dawn Nicole Stevens
Language English
Pages: 231
Genre: Fantasy
Series Mystikó-lykos
Goodreads Rating: 3.67
Published: November 10th 2014 by Amazon Digital Services

alt cover/title for B00PB09DN4 Imagine waking up in a hospital room with no memory at all. Imagine that the first person to explain anything to you, told you that you weren't human. That is what happened to Jane Doe. Upon waking in a hospital, a man enters her room and tells her that she is a Mystikó-lykos, a Greek term meaning secret wolf or werewolf, and that she needs to leave the hospital with him before the hospital locks her in to study her rapidly-healing body. With no other choice, Jane leaves with him and hopes that she isn't facing more danger in his company than she would inside the hospital. Assuming that foul-play is the reason Jane ended up in her current situation, Dirk’s Alpha commands him to protect her and to find out what happened to her. Throughout her journey to find the truth, Jane realizes that her memory isn’t the only thing she is lacking. She has a hole inside of her that she soon discovers is because she hasn’t found her mate. Longing for a life that she doesn’t have and one she can’t remember, Jane trudges on. When will she find her mate and discover her past? When she does find her mate, will their bond be strong enough to last if her past comes back to haunt her?