Forever, Jessie

Forever, Jessie
Author: Lorane Kaye
Language English
Pages: 168
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 1.33
Published: March 23rd 2014 by CK Books

For everyone there is a special someone. For Hank Farrell, it was Jessie Shroeder. From the moment he met her he knew that she was "the" one. But then she left town and married another man. Filling his days with hard work produced a thriving business, but his long, lonely nights were filled with little else than thoughts of Jessie. Jessie had loved the wild, youthful Hank Farrell, but could she build a life with someone so irresponsible? She wasn't sure, but her family was and they felt there was no room in her life for the likes of Hank. Hank's heart began to pound when he heard that Jessie was back in town. Even after eight long years, she still affected him! But what was she doing here? And where was her husband? He had to see her, if for no other reason than finally put his feelings to rest. After all, she hadn't even said goodbye...