Hunger: The Thorne Boys

Hunger: The Thorne Boys
Author: Serenity Paz
Pages: 315
Goodreads Rating: 3.91
Published: February 19th 2017 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Luca: "I want to get married…to inherit my billions… But who can I trust? Joli? She doesn’t want my money. So what does she want?" Joli: “Why is it that after I fake my death to get rid of my student loans, now I meet this gorgeous billionaire who wants to marry me?” 25-year-old corporate lawyer Joli shed her massive debt and fled her corporate life to teach English at a Princeton boarding school. She can’t afford to fall in love. 29-year-old billionaire heir Luca gave up on a pro-baseball career after a career-ending injury, to coach at The Chevalier Boarding School in Princeton. After being dumped by his supermodel ex-girlfriend for a teammate, Luca swears off love.

But, when he meets the subdued and sexy English teacher Miss Joli Rivers, a volcanic attraction erupts between them. When Luca offers Joli love, will she accept his hand in marriage? Or will Joli become Luca’s unattainable desire and run from him? Caught between keeping her secret (and breaking Luca’s heart) and taking a chance on love (and facing the law) will Joli embrace love or run from it?