6 Rules for Successful Workplace Communication

6 Rules for Successful Workplace Communication
Author: George Larsson
Language English
Pages: 232
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: December 2nd 2013

This book has been written to help you to communicate with others (whether verbally or in writing) to Get Things Done. Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your emails, letters or reports? Do you want to be able to deliver presentations with improved skill and confidence? Have you attended or run meetings and wondered how they could become more engaging and productive? This book is for you. Have you just landed a new job and want to ensure you make the right impression with your first email, report or presentation? Do you want to impress with your professionalism during your work placement from school/university from day one? Have you recently moved from one role to another (e.g. from an operational hands-on role to sales, management or strategy) and are not sure how to communicate in this new context? Have you taken charge of a project or a team for the first time, and needed to make sure that the way you communicate to your stakeholders or you team is particularly effective? This book is for all of you.

6 Rules for Successful Workplace Communication is a must-have toolkit, not an academic textbook. It uses plain everyday language, offers clear examples, and can be applied directly to real life situations.

Many avoidable problems in work and business stem from poor communication. Mastering these communication skills will make you more effective, saving you time and avoiding count troubles. They will make your overall experience in work and business more pleasant, avoiding unnecessary conflict or stress. This book will give you knowledge, tools and confidence to go out and communicate professionally and successfully.