Highwire Moon

Highwire Moon
Author: Susan Straight
Language English
Pages: 320
ISBN10: 0385722613
Genre: Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.70
ISBN13: 9780385722612
Published: October 8th 2002 by Anchor

Serafina is an illegal migrant worker living in California when the police catch her and send her back to Mexico–without her three-year old daughter. Twelve years later, with a pair of silver barrettes her only tangible memory of Elvia, Serafina begins a harrowing journey back across the border to find her daughter. At the same time Elvia, now fifteen and pregnant, resolves to track her mother down. They travel a landscape populated by desperately poor migrants moving from harvest to harvest, truckers living hand-to-mouth in seedy motels, and lost children in foster homes. But the memory of love inspires hope, and out of these women’s losses–and their determination–Straight has crafted a deeply moving tale of the meaning of home and family.