Sealed With a Kiss

Sealed With a Kiss
Author: Robin Palmer
Language English
Pages: 219
ISBN10: 0142415014
Genre: Young Adult
Series Yours Truly, Lucy B. Parker
Goodreads Rating: 4.25
ISBN13: 9780142415016
Published: November 16th 2010 by Puffin Books

Lucy B. Parker has finally settled into her new life in New York City, living with her new frister (friend + sister), superstar Laurel Moses.

She's got a new BFF in Beatrice, and she's spending her summer vacation off in L.A. visiting Laurel on the set of her new movie and meeting teen heartthrobs left and right. Life is good, until Lucy develops a crush-and unlike previous crushes, this one is not on a character in a book or a movie, but on a real living breathing boy, Beatrice's brother Blair. Unfortunately for Lucy, nothing ever seems to go as she plans. Because although Lucy dreamed that Blair would be her first kiss, it seems like someone else might beat him to it!