Radiance: HellFire Series Book 1

Radiance: HellFire Series Book 1
Author: Justiene Lynn Sweeney
Pages: 590
Genre: Young Adult
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
Published: December 24th 2017

I only meant to steal a few moments to myself that night as the roar of the guests and the crash of the orchestra had worn my nerves thin. Just a few minutes alone in the hallway to reset myself and focus had been all I wanted. I hadn't meant to see something I shouldn't have. They hadn't known I was there as they brawled and I had watched from the shadows in terror, too petrified to cry out, let alone move. They almost left on their merry way but somehow one of them had sensed me and from that moment I became his prey. He said my soul was the ambrosia he had been hunting for and he would savor it someday when he decided to kill me. He burned his demonic mark into my arm to claim my soul and cackled at my pain. Promising me more if I screamed but I refused to give in to death. If anyone sees the mark they'll know I've been claimed by a demon and I'll be executed by the military and my mangled body used as an example of what it means to become inhuman. And I can't remove the unholy mark either as no one had been able to do so since the dawn of time. But I am my father's daughter and I refuse to go quietly.

I made a contract with another monster in hopes he'll keep my soul intact and prevent my early demise but in doing so I've sealed my fate. If the mark is found out I'll be executed. If I do nothing than someday that monster will come back and devour me, body and soul. But if anyone were to find out that I contracted another fey as my ally than I'll be beheaded for treason to the empire.

But I refuse to go quietly. Even if it breaks my soul bit by bit, in the end, it's still mine and not in the jaws of the monsters who lurk in the night. But in fighting for my life the secrets of my blood are revealed and the true radiance of my soul is blinding everyone around me. Even me.