Bitcoin on a napkin

Bitcoin on a napkin
Author: Daniel GutiƩrrez
Language English
Pages: 120
ISBN10: 9585976803
Goodreads Rating: 3.75
ISBN13: 9789585976801
Published: August 31st 2017 by NapkinBooks

An illustrated guide that explains Bitcoin step by step: what it is, how it works, the story behind it and how the future might look. Bitcoin is the world's most important digital currency. In the short span of 8 years, it's grown from the utopian project of a few users to a system that's moved more than 120 billion dollars. Taken from the introduction: 'As this new electronic currency grows from theoretical concept to worldwide reality, it's about time someone made an effort to explain the fundamentals in everyone s language, so all of us can embrace its potential. We felt like taking the first step by distilling Bitcoin into a few napkin sketches. Now, let us walk you through them.' --- NapkinBooks creates beautiful books about technology s most relevant subjects visual books that spark both the interest and the imagination of the general public. We believe smart and beautiful can go together in your library, office or coffee table.

We want to see more people of all ages and backgrounds understanding the principles of software and the internet in a simple, direct & unpretentious way, one napkin sketch at a time.