Imperium: Betrayal

Imperium: Betrayal
Author: Paul M. Calvert
Language English
Pages: 316
Genre: Science Fiction
Series Imperium
Goodreads Rating: 3.87
Published: January 28th 2016 by Amazon Digital Services

The Doone family have ruled the Empire for thousands of years, bringing stability and prosperity. When a mission to receive a new planet into the Empire ends with an attempt on his life, Emperor Alexander must fight to protect his family and Empire from enemies within. On present day Earth, Karen Mcleod marks the end of a relationship with a holiday to the Isle of Skye, little knowing that a chance meeting is about to change her life forever. Two different civilisations are about to meet in an epic tale of war, duty and love across the millennia, in Imperium Betrayal, the first part of the Imperium trilogy.