Werewulf Journals Boxed Set

Werewulf Journals Boxed Set
Author: Camille Anthony
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Werewulf Journals
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: January 13th 2015 by Loose Id LLC

Wild in the City, Trolling for Love, Fortrayn's Forbidden Fling, Weddings, Bells and a Brownie, Hungry Pleasures, Sated Pleasures, Panty Express and Hunting Chase. All eight of Camille Anthony's fabulous Werewulf Journals in one convenient pack. Reformatted for newer devices. Wild in the City Torn between two worlds... Hunter is both wulf and man, an ex-cop and a predator who claims San Francisco as his hunting territory. On the prowl one night, he discovers a queen-sized lady of the evening--the perfect midnight snack.

The product of an ancient, alien breeding experiment, Melody's very genes drive her to mate with Hunter. Is her fierce need for him the result of chemistry, or is there more between them? She'll never know for certain--un she takes a chance and runs wild in the city. Trolling for Love There’s a love-sick troll on the Golden Gate Bridge! On the job, Hunter is distracted and dismayed, busy dealing with paranormal problems the police can’t handle. On the home front, Melody needs time before formalizing their relationship. Reluctantly, he’s granted her request, but unbeknown to them, Chase is on the prowl, trolling for a mate and he’s sniffed Melody’s scent. Hunter must get that troll off the bridge before the media learns about it, defend his claim on Melody against his own cousin, and pray to the Moon he doesn’t end up like the troll--trolling for love. Fortrayn's Forbidden Fling Fortrayn’s cousin, Hunter, and his new mate are burning the house down with their lust, and Fortrayn--newly mature and horny--keeps getting caught in the conflagration. He’s in need of something to take his mind off his unmated state. A fling.

Hispanic art dealer Rosa Montalvo is perfect for him: sexy, savvy and an 'older woman'. There are just two problems.

One, she’s been marked for sex and death by a team of rogue wulves ready to howl on full-moon night. Two, she’s Human and he’s a wulf. Pack Law forbids taking Humans as mates, but what’s a wulf to do when the lady he loves will die if he doesn’t? Weddings, Bells, and a Brownie It’s nearly New Year’s in the City by the Bay and all is most decidedly not well. Church bells have gone missing--disappeared right out from under the noses of the caretakers. A baby has gone missing--disappeared right out from under the nose of the mother. Hunter’s boss suspects paranormal involvement and orders Hunter to solve the cases before New Year’s Eve. But Hunter’s already got enough on his mind: a wedding to prep for and a horny mate to handle. Melody’s pregnant again, emotional, and--now that Hunter’s pack-mated her--wants sex all the time. She’s revved up and ready for everything from Little Red Ridinghood to My Sweet Slave. It’s a lot to juggle for an Alpha in love, but somehow Hunter will survive weddings, bells and a brownie... Hungry Pleasures Overweight all her adult life, Kaila knows what it means to struggle with those stubborn pounds. When she overhears two gorgeous studs talking about a new weight-loss program using sex as an incentive to shed those pounds, she's eager to join up.