Jerry's Kids Meet Wormboy

Jerry's Kids Meet Wormboy
Author: David J. Schow
Language English
Pages: 26
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
Published: September 25th 2003 by Fictionwise Classic

Even before the dead crawled from their graves in search of human flesh, the teenager nicknamed 'Wormboy' had descended into the depravity--and ecstasy--of cannibalism at his job with the local mortuary. Now the lawness of an apocalyptic 'Night of the Living Dead' suits the 400-pound Wormboy perfectly. While millions starve, he feasts upon the abundant buffet that wanders into the tripwire and anti-personnel mine 'spiderweb' surrounding his graveyard fortress. Just down the block, the Right Reverend Jerry keeps the 'geeks' of his undead congregation in a semi-comatose religious frenzy by feeding them rattlesnake venom and his personal interpretation of the Second Coming. When one of his Deacons fails to return from spreading the good news, Jerry marches his troops toward the graveyard for a showdown.