Pages: 216
Goodreads Rating: 3.60
Published: July 6th 2017

Learn. Adapt. Evolve. The mantra for my new life .

A life of enhanced abilities and unimaginable possibilities.

The aftermath of WW2 had me picking up the pieces of my old life to awaken to a new world filled with Demons, Angels and Divine provenance. Just before I died in 1944, they came for me. Xylia and Llyon. Parents, makers and my very own guardian angels. They told me I was special, I was unique. They told me we were family, we were meant to be. A lifetime later and my blood runs hot with Divine magic and new-found abilities. Fear, anxiety, hunger and a host of new sensations are growing inside of me, threatening to consume me. As strangers turn into friends, friends become family and relationships grow, I have to find a way to deal with both new and old. I have some hard choices to make and it seems if I want to find myself and some kind of peace, I might have to sacrifice the one thing I can't face losing...the part of me that's human.

PART HUMAN is a Dark YA Paranormal Romance for fans of Fallen Angels, Greek myths, legends and tales of 'The Fall'. This book may appeal to fans of 'Fallen', 'Hush Hush' and 'City of Bones' and it is for anyone who loves: -YA Dark Romances -Magical powers and paranormal creatures -Angels/Demons and all in between. -Greek Myths and Legends.