A Shepherd's Tale

A Shepherd's Tale
Author: Marilyn Lucas Thompson
Language English
Pages: 53
ISBN10: 1425973078
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
ISBN13: 9781425973070
Published: November 28th 2006 by Author House

"What would it be like to witness the birth of Jesus Christ? Who were the shepherds chosen to greet him on the night of His birth and why were they so special? Where was the actual site of His birth? Did Jesus Christ marry and did He father childen? A Shepherd's Tale, answers these historic questions while portraying them in a story of endearing characters.There have been many Christmas stories written over the past years, many fanciful and based on fictional circumstances. What makes this story so fascinating and different is that it is written as a historical novel with the description of place, time and circumstances based on fact. Samuel is a simple shepherd, but the flocks he cares for are very special. He is the head shepherd of the Temple Flock at Migdal Eder or the Watchtower of the Flock. Migdal Eder is located southeast of Bethlehem on the rolling hills outside the little village of King David's birth. The site was named long ago by Micah, the prophet, who proclaimed it would be the place where the advent of the Redeemer would be announced. It is here, where the story takes place as told through the eyes of an old man who has seen much pain and unhappiness in his life. Once a wealthy and powerful man, Samuel loses his family, his home, his wealth and powerful position in Jerusalem.

He becomes a bitter, drunken man living on the streets of Bethlehem, when a wise old grouch befriends him and gives Samuel insight into life's greatest ons.

Only through devotion to friends and sheep, does he find true happiness. Through Samuel's eyes we get a firsthand and more accurate account of the beginning of the greatest life ever lived. With "A Shepherd's Tale," comes a new perspective of the Christmas Story, rich in the history and culture of Judea and vivid and fresh in the details of the time of Herod the Great. If you are looking for a great holiday story to read as a family or a quick enjoyable read by the fireplace this is it." Brad Thompson, author of Excellence in Music.