Spells and Seduction

Spells and Seduction
Author: Tawny Taylor
Language English
Pages: 286
Genre: Adult Fiction
Series Immortal Secrets
Goodreads Rating: 2.89

While answering a Guardian's plea for help, Second-level Mage Malcolm Forester finds himself thrown into battle with a demon. His loss means his soul is at stake. With only one chance to save both himself and the lives of every Guardian on the planet, he must find someone to give him the most precious gift of all. True, self love. There's only one woman who might be willing to pay the price to save his soul. If he can live with the consequences. Rory Denton's sex life is in the toilet. All she wants is a little no-strings sex. In the midst of a hasty retreat after a blind date has pulled a no-show, she runs into a man she had thought dead for years. Ex-boyfriend Malcolm Forester is…alive. Alive! And more than that, he's promised to make her darkest, most secret fantasies come true. If she can find the courage to reveal them. A lot of magic, a little bit of domination and submission, and one unusual ménage a trois pave a bumpy road to bliss. But neither Malcolm nor Rory are completely prepared for the destination that road might take them…"