Infernal Justice (Angels at the Edge Book 2)

Infernal Justice (Angels at the Edge Book 2)
Author: Michael Arches
Pages: 215
Goodreads Rating: 4.57
Published: January 12th 2018

Demons are doing their damnedest to make the Earth a living hell.

I'm Gabriel, the newest angel and North America's only immortal detective. I've been sent to San Francisco to find three demons who've kidnapped the mayor's two teenage daughters. The monsters have already killed one, and I pray I'm not too late to save the younger girl, fifteen-year-old Cassandra. To make matters worse, a lunatic vigilante just popped out of nowhere. He's an immortal sorcerer pretending to be an angel. Instead of helping anyone, he's begun a killing spree. Because of his towering ego and thirst for blood, he poses a greater danger to the Bay Area than the demons who kidnapped the girls. Of course, everyone is terrified by the continuing carnage. I have to find the demons responsible, or the entire region will soon explode in flames and fury.

Infernal Justice, is the second novel in the Angels at the Edge urban fantasy series.

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