Football Baby

Football Baby
Author: Roxeanne Rolling
Language English
Pages: 489
Genre: Sports and Games
Goodreads Rating: 3.65
Published: September 12th 2016 by Buena Onda Press

Take the ball and run with it...or the baby... Dylan My career's taking off. Starting quarterback isn't a bad gig, and I've always felt freest on the field, with the exception of being with Lauren. It's not hard for me to pick up women. I have needs after all, but none of them ever compared to her. I still think about that first day I met her, when she was my massage therapist back in college. She meant so much to me, and I lost her. Lauren I couldn't resist him when I first laid my hands on him during that massage. I never suspected he would change my life forever. I still watch all Dylan's games when I get the chance, but between work and raising Sam, it's hard to find the time. Dylan looks as hot as ever on my TV, sweaty and muscular, decked out in football gear. The years have been rough. Sam's everything to me, but I want a man--I want Dylan back. But I've been hiding this secret from him for so long. Football Baby is a full-length romance. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA. This ebook includes also includes two bonus sports romances, Wild Ride and Deep End.