Taken by the Beast

Taken by the Beast
Author: Rebecca Hamilton
Language English
Pages: 255
Genre: Fantasy
Series The Conduit
Goodreads Rating: 3.71
Published: June 12th 2015

Taken by the Beast A Sexy Beauty and the Beast Spin Off When Charisse Bellamy takes the job at New Haven’s first ever Night Club, it’s only intended as a short term solution to make ends meet. But she soon discovers there is no resisting the pull of her new boss, Abram. Despite worrying how her feelings for Abram will impact her budding relationship with police deputy Dalton, she can’t seem to stay away, and it’s not until a missing girl is found chained up in Abram’s home that this beauty realizes one of her romantic interests is a beast. Hunt or Be Hunted Beasts have infiltrated the towns.

The cities. The government. Blood will be spilled. Wars will be fought.

Magic will be bartered. And there's only one person who can bridge the worlds between Conduits and Supplicants. If she fails, human lives will be reduced to nothing more than a source. The Complete Conduit Series Taken by the Beast - Available Now. Sleeping with the Beast - Now Available for Pre-Order. Charmed by the Beast - Coming Soon! Granted by the Beast - Coming Soon! Wonderland with the Beast - Coming Soon! Scroll up and grab a copy today.