The Fundamentals of Film Making

The Fundamentals of Film Making
Author: Jane Barnwell
Language English
Pages: 208
ISBN10: 2940373191
Genre: Culture
Goodreads Rating: 3.59
ISBN13: 9782940373192
Published: September 1st 2008 by AVA Publishing

Love movies? Learn how films are made with this step-by-step introduction * Interviews, visuals, and clear text explore every element of movie making * Includes practical forms such as budgeting sheets and schedules Everyone loves movies.

But how are they really made? Now readers can discover exactly how motion pictures are put together, from the division of labor to the final editing stages, with The Fundamentals of Film Making. Interviews with such industry professionals as producers, directors, production designers, cinematographers, sound editors, and post-production editors reveal the inner working of the movie set and the behind-the-scenes workrooms. Ready to get started? Practical forms for budgeting, scheduling, and more, plus a resource list of festivals, courses, and organizations, bring film making within reach for every reader.