When the Circus Came to Town

When the Circus Came to Town
Author: Laurence Yep
Language English
Pages: 113
ISBN10: 0064409651
Genre: Historical
Goodreads Rating: 3.75
ISBN13: 9780064409650
Published: February 3rd 2004 by HarperTrophy

Can Ursula ever show her face again? Ursula always wanted to see the circus. That is, until she caught smallpox. Now all she wants is to hide her scarred face from everyone.

But Ah Sam, her parents' Chinese cook, has other ideas. One day Ah Sam surprises Ursula by bringing a circus to town, but there's one problem -- there's no music. Ursula is the only one who can play the harmonica, but that means she'll have to go outside and face the world again. Will Ursula save the circus or will she hide forever?