The Legend of Little Sharpshooter

The Legend of Little Sharpshooter
Author: K.D. Kinney
Language English
Pages: 282
Genre: Historical
Goodreads Rating: 4.25
Published: July 27th 2015 by Amber Dusk Publishing

A Girl with Skill: Randy Carter has been playing survival games with her pa for as long as she can remember. Her pa was once a famed Texas Ranger and the list of those who want to see him dead is long. When the Anthony brothers gun him down in a cold-blooded act of revenge, the sixteen-year-old didn’t play the game as well as she could have when the outlaws escape with their lives, and she’s left injured and on her own. Afraid they’ll come back for her, a wounded Randy plans on leaving the New Mexico Territory to head west with her temperamental horse Al, her gun Pearl, and the ashes of her family as her only companions. A Horse Thief with Heart: All Trevor wants is a decent horse.

When he sees the best-looking horse he's ever laid eyes on and tries to steal it, he finds himself in an awful predicament when he discovers he wasn’t fighting a boy but a very sick girl with a mean punch. He decides to save her life instead and he is smitten.

The Real Journey Begins: Randy has a new traveling companion but finds she is in over her head when they run into an old family friend that knows she’s a great shot, a skilled sharpshooter of the likes of Annie Oakley. He exploits her amazing skill and her name quickly rises to fame as they cross the West. Because no one knows her pa is gone, the mob of outlaws on their tail is growing and they’re dead set on revenge She might be a prodigy with a gun but becoming legendary as Miranda Carter was not what she wanted. Neither was falling in love. What must Randy sacrifice to find the peace she was looking for?