Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Straight from the Horse's Mouth
Author: Keith Hughan
Language English
Pages: 248
ISBN10: 0954911202
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.33
ISBN13: 9780954911201
Published: November 1st 2004 by Ladcrooks

This book was not written solely for the horse racing fraternity. The actions I took were the result of Ladbrokes not honouring a bet I had placed. What would you do with 260,000? I don't know - I did not get the chance to spend it. Now was I going to let them get away with it without a fight? You can bet I didn't, but how far does one go? Sledge was a good mate of mine. He only stood about 3 foot high and weighed 14lb, but we had some smashing times together Ladbrokes were a war unto themselves. I thought that two could play at that game. The trouble is that Ladbrokes hide behind an outdated act - the Gentleman's agreement act, 1845. When one takes the legal route for 5 years and gets no joy from the system, then they may take the law into their own hands. It was a shame that I could not be protected.

When you haven't got a care in the world, your life can change dramatically. I thought that free from care was free from stress - wrong I played Sherlock Holmes for 10 years. Did I get the answers that I needed? You will have to read my story to find out. "Ladbrokes, how do they say it in America? - Oh yeah Have a nice day "