Crossover - The Amie Heights and Megan Pony Selected Collection

Crossover - The Amie Heights and Megan Pony Selected Collection
Author: Amie Heights
Language English
Pages: 349
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
Published: June 29th 2016 by Amie Heights

Veteran writers Amie Heights and Megan Pony have come together to assemble an eclectic blend of stories for the erotic minded reader. Specifically selected by the authors to suit the tastes of someone looking for more in their romance, these works are not for the timid. From auctioned wives to shapeshifter horses, from immoral daemons to punishing spankings, this collection has the fantasies to spark the imagination and fuel hidden desires. Included in the collection BILLIONAIRE WIFE AUCTION JESSICA’S STABLE BOOK 1 - THOROUGHBRED JESSICA’S STABLE BOOK 2 - MUSTANG JESSICA’S STABLE BOOK 3 - PALOMINO THE GAUNTLET SUSAN VS THE GIANT MECHANICAL OCTOPUS HOW TO TRANS YOUR DRAGON SILK AND COOKIES MILKING THE SYSTEM TREAT ME LIKE A PONY THE HYPNOTIST'S SECRET DESIRES THE PRINCESS AND THE PUNISHMENT BREEDING MY BBW HAREM BBW CRUISE SHIP ORGY - A Multiple Partner Experience with Full Figured Women TAKING TEN FOR THE TEAM BLURRED LINES