Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
Author: Richard A. Brealey
Language English
Pages: 784
ISBN10: 0078034647
Genre: Economics
Goodreads Rating: 3.71
ISBN13: 9780078034640
Published: September 14th 2011 by McGraw-Hill Education

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance , by Brealey, Myers and Marcus, provides students with a solid framework of theory and application to use well after they complete the course. This author team is known for their outstanding research, teaching efforts, and world-renowned finance textbooks, so it's no surprise that they provide clear exposition of difficult material without sacrificing up-to-date, technically correct treatments. The seventh edition has been fully updated to reflect recent events and is now available with Connect Finance! Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it, and how they need it, so that your class time is more engaging and effective.