Time Traveler - Book 3 - Shocked!: Books for Girls aged 9-12

Time Traveler - Book 3 - Shocked!: Books for Girls aged 9-12
Author: Katrina Kahler
Pages: 121
Goodreads Rating: 4.75
Published: November 22nd 2017

Time Traveler - Book 3: Shocked continues the suspenseful story of Holly and her brother, Oliver as they travel through time in a desperate attempt to search for their father. Joined by Holly’s best friend, Kate, the trio find a lot more than they have bargained for. Holly is also confronted by Jade, the bully from school who appears to be suspicious of the secret that Holly is desperate to keep hidden. Will this affect her friendship with Zac, the boy she has had a crush on for so long? And will the group be able to find their way out of their shocking ordeal? This book is the most exciting and suspenseful one of the series so far. It is a page turner you will not want to put down. Time Traveler is a series of books for girls who enjoy suspense, mystery and drama. It is a story about time travel and the consequences of messing with a concept so complex that only terrible things can eventuate. Another wonderful book for girls of all ages!