Small Town Girl, Hollywood Sex Slave

Small Town Girl, Hollywood Sex Slave
Author: Fannie Tucker
Language English
Pages: 66
Genre: Adult Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 2.78
Published: December 30th 2012 by Tucker Press

When she leaves rural Ohio to chase her dream of acting in movies, beautiful young Kate Bower never imagined that life would be so hard. Instead of starring on the big screen, she finds her confidence shattered and her bank account desperately low. Marco Page is one of his generation's most successful actors. But despite his amazing good looks, fame, and wealth, Marco has a dark secret. He's a member of the Otrok Club, a mysterious organization that helps the rich and elite indulge the sexual cravings they don't dare reveal to the public. When a chance meeting brings Kate and Marco together, he sees a way to satisfy his depraved desires and help Kate at the same time.

But there's one catch - she must agree to obey even his most extreme command. And so Kate becomes a puppet on her master's strings as Marco subjects her to a series of increasingly thrilling sexual encounters. But will fulfilling her dreams be worth the price of Kate's innocence? Warning: Explicit adult material. This short novella includes multiple intense scenes of BDSM, domination, voyeurism, shaming, spanking, and rough sex, including an innocent woman coerced into her first lesbian encounter, rough sex with a punk rocker, first-time anal and double penetration from a paranoid businessman with a suitcase full of toys, and a young woman left naked and handcuffed for whoever comes along! 22,000+ words. Excerpt: "Don't play innocent with me," he said. "Coming up to a married man's room, trying to put him in a compromising position. I could have you fired, you know." Right now that was the least of her worries. "You asked me to come up here..." she said.

"Be quiet, darlin'," Chuck said, cutting off her words with his deep, authoritative voice, the friendly drawl replaced by something harder. He took her by the arm and pulled her into the room. "You California girls are all the same, loose and easy." "What? I'm from Ohio," Kate said, unease tightening her stomach as her brow furrowed in confusion. This wasn't going how she'd expected. "I know how you hussies are. Get a man in bed, then threaten to send the recording to his wife if he doesn't pay up. Give me your phone." Kate reeled, shocked by the change in Chuck's demeanor. Instead of the friendliness he'd radiated in the bar, he felt dangerous now.

She pulled her phone out of her apron and handed it to him. Chuck frowned at it, removed the battery, then tossed it on the dresser. "Now take off your shirt," he said. Kate thought about darting past him, but even if she surprised him, that deadbolt would take a couple of seconds to open, and she wouldn't have that long if he decided to grab her. With shaking hands, she unbuttoned her white cotton dress shirt. The push-up bra she wore made her breasts look phenomenal, and Chuck's eyes shone with hunger as he admired her rack. "Turn around," he told her, and she did. Chuck pinched the clasp of her bra and pushed it down over her shoulders. It was dark outside, and the balcony door reflected their image like a mirror in the low lamplight. Kate stared at herself, her full breasts standing firm and round above her narrow waist, her slim shoulders dwarfed by Chuck's girth behind her. Chuck pulled at her apron's strings, and it fell to the floor. He took the zipper on the back of her tight black skirt between two thick fingers and pulled it down over the curve of her ass.