Deja Who?: Art Spotlight Mystery #2 (Art Spotlight Mysteries)

Deja Who?: Art Spotlight Mystery #2 (Art Spotlight Mysteries)
Author: Deb Brammer
Language English
Pages: 273
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: June 8th 2016

In Déjà Who? (Book 2 in The Art Spotlight Mysteries) Jordan Axtell, a talented young artist, and Zophie Zobel, his girlfriend, move to Minneapolis to help with a ministry to international students. On their first outing, Jordan is confronted by a painting he’s sure is a forgery. Jordan does what he can to right this one wrong and move on, but his decision backfires when a stranger steals his identity.

Zaxx, a ghost from his previous life in Boise, haunts him with a promise he cannot break. Jordan’s ironclad promise makes him look guilty, and Jordan is forced to prove who he is or lose his reputation. When the FBI brushes him off, will Jordan and his friends be able to figure out who the real fake is before it’s too late? Or will Jordan’s innocence become the victim of his good intentions? While Jordan searches for answers to his own identity crisis, he is forced to discern illusion from reality in the world of art and in the people around him. Zophie challenges his crazy definition of romance, while his adult “children” with post-grad degrees come to him with impossible expectations. Will Jordan and Zophie’s relationship survive their goldfish bowl romance? Will they expose the forger, or will Zophie’s crazy schemes defeat Jordan’s best efforts? Déjà Who? Is the sequel to Broken Windows, Book 1 in The Keyhole Mysteries.