Louise Brooks: Her Men, Affairs, Scandals And Persona

Louise Brooks: Her Men, Affairs, Scandals And Persona
Author: Jean-Maximillien De La Croix de Lafayette
Language English
Pages: 230
ISBN10: 125778367X
Genre: Media Tie In
Goodreads Rating: 2.00
ISBN13: 9781257783670
Published: May 24th 2011 by lulu.com

This book could infuriate Louise Brook’s fans and admirers. It is totally different from all the other books and the glowing essays on this most unusual star, simply because it provides the most detailed and intimate depiction of the life of the REAL Louise Brooks, not the shining star on the silver screen camouflaged by camera's tricks and Hollywood’s accessories, and the magic of German film directors and cameramen, but Louise Brooks in real life. Everything you wanted to know about her affairs, her lovers, her scandalous life as a failed wife, as a call girl, as a courtesan, as a Madam in New York, and a manipulative femme fatale, her ups and downs, the way she saw the world and rebelled against it, her misfortune in Hollywood, her bizarre behavior, her numerous marriages (legal and illegal) and divorces, betrayal of her husbands and lovers, how she used men to reach her goals, her adultery, addiction, nudity and the dark shadows in her hidden life.