The Trainer's Support Handbook: A Guide to Managing the Administrative Details of Training

The Trainer's Support Handbook: A Guide to Managing the Administrative Details of Training
Author: Jean Barbazette
Language English
Pages: 300
ISBN10: 0071370285
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.43
ISBN13: 9780071370288
Published: May 10th 2001 by McGraw-Hill Companies

Simplify Training Support Tasks!Training professionals spend at least half their time away from the classroom tending to paperwork and performing support functions such as scheduling,registering and confirming attendance at events,preparing training rooms for instruction,evaluating the success of training efforts,and marketing training internally. Yet most books on training ignore these tedious but necessary tasks and focus on presentation skills. The Trainer's Support Handbookis the first book designed to simplify and speed up the administrative tasks that take up so much of a trainer's time. Based on leading trainer Jean Barbazette's train-the-trainer workshops,this book helps simplify tedious,time-consuming tasks so trainers can spend more time on training. The book provides dozens of worksheets,forms,checklists,and job aids can be downloaded from the Web and customized to meet the needs of your organization and your trainees. Time-saving worksheets in the book help busy trainers: prioritize responsibilities, get management support, assess training needs, select packaged training, keep courses up to date, hire external trainers and consultants, publicize and market training events, maintain a training web site, administer training events, set up off-site training events, run a corporate resource center, create a budget for training,and demonstrate training successes. And much more The book also includes training room set-up diagrams,forms for participant feedback and more. The Trainer's Support Handbook isthe definitive resource for today's busy,multi-tasking trainingprofessional.