Angel (Charm Club Book 1)

Angel (Charm Club Book 1)
Author: Belinda Ray
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: November 21st 2016 by Alloy Entertainment

Ever since she and her family moved, Anna Lee’s life has been a total mess. She misses her old school, her old room, and most of all, her two best friends. And so far, everything at her new school has been a disaster. She tripped in front of the entire class, scattering handouts all over the room; spilled mint chocolate chip ice cream on her favorite shirt in the middle of the mall food court; and overheard the jerkiest girl in school calling her a boring loser! And that was just in her first three days! Anna’s convinced she’ll never fit in. That is until an angel charm on her necklace comes to life! But how can a two-inch-tall, combat-boot-wearing, snack-eating, magic-doing angel named Zadie cure Anna’s case of new-schoolitis?