The Alpha's Wish

The Alpha's Wish
Author: Claire Cullen
Language English
Pages: 155
Genre: Romance
Series Lost Omegas
Goodreads Rating: 3.92
Published: January 17th 2017

Matthew grew up with his grandmother's stories about Omegas, fated lovers, and true bonds. When his arranged mating turns out to be little more than a bond of convenience, he runs, fleeing the safety of his Pack and his traditional family. Zack, exiled from his Pack after his relationship with the Alpha's son became known, has spent a lonely and bitter year as a rogue. Finding Matthew half-dead in the snow, he can't shake his protective nature and brings the wolf home to tend him. When Matt sets his eyes on Zack, he knows the handsome Alpha is his. Caught up in the passion of his heat, they lose themselves in a night together. But things look a lot different in the cold light of day when Matt awakens with no bond to the Alpha lying next to him.

Zack balks when he finds out the truth about Matt, doing his best to ignore the growing attraction between them. Before they can part ways, what seems like half the shifter world arrives on their doorstep; rogues, Fenrir's Warriors, and Zack's ex. But the consequences of their night together aren't so easily brushed aside and when Zack gets the chance to set things right between them, he must decide if his connection to Matt is worth fighting for. The Alpha's Wish is a 44,000-word romance novella with a happy ending and no cliffhangers. It includes mpreg and some intimate scenes not suitable for readers under 18. While The Alpha's Wish could be read as a standalone, it continues plot threads and features characters from previous books and is best enjoyed as part of the series.