The English Linguistics Project English Manual

The English Linguistics Project English Manual
Author: Jonathan Malicsi
Language English
Pages: 464
ISBN10: 9712724329
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.38
ISBN13: 9789712724329
Published: September 2010 by Anvil Publishing, Inc.

The ELP ENGLISH MANUAL 8th Edition is a comprehensive response to the integration of the ELP's English language workshops for professionals and the English language courses for students, under an English Language Learning System (ELLS) particularly as spurred by the more wide-ranging concerns articulated by universities and multinationals. This book introduces new concepts that reflect contemporary grammatical theory, with entries on diction, idioms, and pronunciation, based on current data on Filipino English accumulated over the past 18 years.

More insights have actually come from a parallel study that focuses on the grammar and rhetoric of Filipino, some of which have affected the chapters on Determiners, Tense, and Embedding. The English Language Project, instituted by former U.P. President Jose V. Abueva under his office in 1991, has transformed into the English Linguistics Project, part of Dr. Jonathan Malicsi's research and extension service for the Department of Linguistics.