Heartfield Ranch (Communities of Discipline, #2)

Heartfield Ranch (Communities of Discipline, #2)
Author: Fiona Wilde
Language English
Pages: 161
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.43
Published: November 8th 2014 by Blushing Books Publications

When undercover police officer Karen Patterson is taken in by the members of the Heartfield community, it’s the first step in what the local law enforcement hopes will be a successful investigation into the group they suspect of wrongdoing and abuse. For Karen, having Heartfield leader Clay Sanders buy her act as a stranded motorist is the first step in what she hopes will be a career advancing assignment. She’s researched Heartfield thoroughly, and is more than eager to dig up whatever dirt she can find on a community that gives husbands the right to use corporal punishment on their wives. She’s also eager to rescue Ann Marie Fales, whose wealthy parents are convinced was brainwashed into joining the community. After all, what kind of community advocates wife-spanking? And what kind of woman would willingly live there? As a newcomer, Karen plays along and agrees to submit to Clay’s authority for the duration of her stay. She’s sure the whole place will be busted up in short order, but when her cover is blown and her real agenda is revealed, Karen must not only face Heartfield’s old-fashioned disciplinary justice, but the conflicted feelings that arise when she realizes that the group’s lifestyle appeals to her in ways she never imagined. Could all of what she was told by her employers – and by society – about Heartfield’s way of life be wrong? Can a take-charge woman find liberation through submission over the lap of a handsome commune leader? Can a man who built a community on the principles of male dominance handle a woman whose position of authority is at odds with her growing need to submit? And what will happen to Heartfield when the real agenda behind the investigation is revealed once and for all? Fiona Wilde’s follow-up to “Old Fashioned Education” is the second book in the “Communities of Discipline” series, featuring communities where spanking and harsher forms of correction are a way of life.