The Architect

The Architect
Author: R.J. Spencer
Language English
Pages: 220
ISBN10: 1477290338
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
ISBN13: 9781477290330
Published: December 18th 2012 by Authorhouse

Amidst the integrity of world class design and architecture. Amidst the world of art and food. Where money goes hand in hand with fame. In a world where Corporations make and destroy peoples lives. The Architect and his Assistant design homes.

But not just homes. They design the creme de la creme of residential residences and they punish the owners of their homes for crimes against good taste. They punish them for forgetting they cannot change even one thing in their homes. Not the colour. Not the door handle. Not the door stop. They punish them to within an inch of their lives.