The Ancients: A Game

The Ancients: A Game
Author: Bernard J. Putz
Pages: 452
ISBN10: 1481132857
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
ISBN13: 9781481132855
Published: September 2nd 2013 by Createspace

The Ancients: A Game is the exhilarating first novel in an epic saga, introducing TeamGlobus, a diverse band of young adults who fight for freedom and humankind through playing a thrilling online educational history game.

In the not-so-distant future at the prestigious Globus Academy for the Gifted, fellow students Jared, Megan, Lien, Arjun, and Ethan accept an invitation from the school's Vice Principal for Technology to earn some extra credit by taking part in what sounds like a trial demonstration of a new game-based package of educational software. But no video game they have played in the past could even hint at "The Ancients" game's epic challenge and its mind-blowing, immersive virtual reality powered by nanotechnology-driven neural transmitters. Targeting an ambitious, unprecedented objective, "The Ancients" places clues that have been hidden in the World Wide Web at sites corresponding to eras and events in world history from 10,000 BCE to 600 CE. These clues lead to an artifact that can direct humanity toward freedom or enslavement, with TeamGlobus competing against rival teams from other schools, and fighting a highly secretive cartel that wants to control the Internet. It is a quest for the ages, through which the intrepid adventurers learn about history, discover recurring themes that have confronted humanity for millennia, and see how they need to secure their own independence and power in a society overloaded with information, social media, and communication.

Neither a work of historical fiction nor a time-travel fantasy, The Ancients: A Game is an exciting adventure story set against a backdrop of settings and characters gleaned from world history, with the state of humanity's freedom from tyranny hanging in the balance. Readers of all ages will be transported by The Ancients: A Game, as TeamGlobus navigates the worlds and civilizations of long ago, which come vividly to life and reveal ons that apply as much today as they did in days of yore. While readers are certain to learn about the past and gain keen insight and historical perspective, TeamGlobus's resilient spirit and action-packed exploits in the face of impossibly high odds will captivate the imagination of even the most-jaded and leave them anxiously awaiting the next book in the series.