A Conversation Overheard

A Conversation Overheard
Author: Jeffrey Morrow Miller
Language English
Pages: 97
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
ISBN13: 9781301322237
Published: September 1st 2013 by Mthoughtworks, Inc.

There are some things that are known by everyone within The World, and many things which are unknown. Everyone knows that one-thousand years ago there was The War That Broke Time. The Immortals tried to exterminate the mortals by releasing dragons into The World who only knew one thing – hunger. The horror of their actions finally caused the Immortals to completely withdraw from The World into their Whitestone walled cities. The mortals found some - The Dragonslayers, who could heal themselves as fast as The Dragons could burn their bodies, who slowly saved The World. And the mortals then destroyed the one whom had started The War … The Goddess of Life. For one-thousand years, seven of The Dragonslayers have kept the unchanging peace as The Nightlords of The Seven Kingdoms. Only the Nightlords know how to light the raw Globes which come from The Five Empires. It is only the heat and light of The Globes which allows men to survive the frozen darkness of winter. Life in The World is hard, and men's lives are short. But The Nightlord gave his Binding that those who obeyed his Code of The Covenant would bring forth one who would Reunite The World with all that is missing from it in The Underworld. And in The Reuniting of The World and The Underworld, The Lord Binding will bring all that exists to the time, unitary perfection of The Union of All Things. The existence of The World and The Underworld, and all that is within ...

will End.