Right Hand Magic

Right Hand Magic
Author: Nancy A. Collins
Language English
Pages: 289
ISBN10: 0451463668
Genre: Fantasy
Series Golgotham
Goodreads Rating: 3.58
ISBN13: 9780451463661
Published: December 7th 2010 by Roc

Like most Manhattanites, aspiring artist Tate can't resist a good rental deal-even if it's in the city's strangest neighborhood, Golgotham, where for centuries werewolves, centaurs, and count other creatures have roamed the streets. Her new landlord is a sorcerer name Hexe, who is determined to build his reputation without using dark, left-hand magic. As Tate is drawn into Hexe's fascinating world, they both find that the right hand does not always know what the left hand is doing-and avoiding darkness is no easy trick...