Dragon Star

Dragon Star
Author: Aurora Reid
Language English
Pages: 266
Genre: Sports and Games
Series Shifter Football League
Goodreads Rating: 4.36
Published: June 22nd 2016

After the fans turn on their star dragon quarterback, Nico’s ready to live his life in isolation. An injury and stagnant healing powers send him in a downward spiral, leaving him determined to count his gold hoard for the rest of his days. Then Cass, a brilliant shifter therapist, offers to help. His dragon soars, but she’s claimed by another: Jae, his teammate and one of the only twelve dragons alive. Nico’s ready to fight for Cass.

He’s just going to have to get through her training first. It’s going to be tough. As tough as ignoring what his dragon’s telling him—Cass is his fated mate. She lives her life in a golden cage… Cass is one of the top doctors when it comes to shifter therapy, but she’s resigned to being a personal assistant for Jae May, a cruel and possessive dragon. When she finally meets Nico, he’s half naked on a massage table. The elusive quarterback of the LA Outlaws seems to be hitting on her. He’s got lines of fans after every game who want to see his treasure room, and she’s guessing, the dragon in his pants too. Cass thinks she’s going crazy from being cooped up too long, until he offers her a chance to escape. But Nico’s distrust of others and obsession with gold are getting in the way.

So is the other dragon that she’s spurned, who will do anything—or destroy anything—to get her back. Will their love burn forever? Find out in Dragon Star, a Shifter Football League Novel filled with fiery passion and action. Jax's Mate is included as a bonus book.