Ask the Garden Doctor: 1,200 Cures for Common Garden Problems (Better Homes and Gardens)

Ask the Garden Doctor: 1,200 Cures for Common Garden Problems (Better Homes and Gardens)
Author: Denny Schrock
Language English
Pages: 431
ISBN10: 0470878428
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.38
ISBN13: 9780470878422
Published: December 21st 2010 by Houghton Mifflin

A comprehensive question-and-answer style guide to the ins and outs of successful gardeningHere's the perfect troubleshooting guide for veteran green thumbs and first-time gardeners alike. "Ask the Garden Doctor" covers more than 1000 common garden problems-everything from gardening basics to pest control to problems associated with specific plants-all from the trusted experts at Better Homes and Gardens.

Based on the immensely popular "Ask the Garden Doctor" feature on the Better Homes and Gardens website, this reliable, trustworthy resource will answer virtually every gardening question you might have. Packed with easy solutions to everyday gardening dilemmas, including weeds, pests, and everything in between, this user-friendly book is organized by by plant type, making it super-simple to find the answers you need. Plus, beautiful full-color photographs show you exactly what to look for and precisely how to resolve the problem.

Answers more than 1000 common gardening questions with in-depth, expert guidanceFeatures more than 600 full-color photographs that offer step-by-step advice and help identify plants, pests, and diseasesIncludes an extensive index that makes this a powerful, easy-to-use resource every gardener should keep on hand For gardeners of all skill levels, this reliable and comprehensive resource makes problem-solving a breeze