Clever Minecraft Traps 2

Clever Minecraft Traps 2
Author: Leonard Treman
Language English
Pages: 27
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.31
Published: February 4th 2013

Do you want to kill people on minecraft while you are at school or work? Well now you can. With this book of clever traps and it's prequel you can learn a multitude of traps to keep the people on your server on their toes even when you aren't on the server. This is an extension to the first version to show you some awesome traps. This one has 6 more traps that were not included in the first version.

The included traps are. 1. The Big Land Mine 2. The Fly Catcher Mine 3. The Drain. 4. The Dark Pit 5. The False House 6.

The House Bomb Check out volume 3 at